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Staff here at The Foundation Institute for Biblical Studies understand the complexities of the correctional environment and the diversity of your inmate populations. Through years of research and development in numerous correctional facilities, in several states, we have assembled, in cooperation with correctional professionals, the “Inside Edition”, a core curriculum upon which students can build a solid foundation for a life of compliance to both God and country.

The “Inside Edition” is a core curriculum which easily supports facility objectives. The curriculum is being successfully used for both programs of individual study and as a foundation upon which to build Faith Based Communities.

Its flexible design accommodates both programs administered by facility staff and programs of study with volunteer oversight, or any combination of the two.

The Foundation Institute staff, composed of Biblical scholars, Christian leaders and correctional professionals, recognizes that true rehabilitation begins within. We are therefore proud to present a comprehensive program of study designed as an effective tool for self-rehabilitation.

We have complied the Inside Edition to teach the Bible and stress sound doctrine in the least offensive way, while at the same time providing the inmate with the tools to learn character, integrity and self-discipline.

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